Frøy Kapital has ownership in the following companies:

Fishbase Group

Fishbase is located on Dønna outside Sandnessjøen, and is an independent producer of smolt for cod and salmon farming. The company has a production permit of 2,000 tonnes, which has been sought to be extended to 10,000 tonnes. Production is currently exclusively on land, but the company has long-term ambitions for farming at sea.


Frøy Kapital has 2 265 tonnes MAB for salmon farming. Of these, 1 515 tonnes MAB are in production area 6 (Nordmøre to Sør-Trøndelag) and 750 tonnes MAB are in production area 8 (Helgeland to Bodø).

Moen Group

Frøy Kapital and SS Invest, through the company Skipsinvest, own 48% of Moen Gruppen (Moen.no). In addition, Skipsinvest owns 13% in InnoVArena (innovarena.no) and 5% in Grong Sparebank (largest owner). The Moen group mainly consists of the companies Moen Verft, Moen Ship Management and Oceanize. The company also has shares in Skamik and some property companies.

Grøntvedt Group

The Grøntvedt group consists of 4 companies that focus on developing processed products from healthy and viable fish stocks with a particular focus on herring products. The whole fish is used and goes either for human consumption or as an ingredient for aquaculture or health food products.