Fishbase Group AS rigged for growth with fresh "Frøy Kapital"

Fishbase Group AS rigged for growth with fresh "Frøy Kapital"

Fishbase Group AS has strengthened its equity through a share issue with existing owners and Frøy Kapital.

The issue secures Fishbase equity capital for ongoing investments in increased production of both cod and salmon, as well as future-oriented premises on Bjørnsøya in Dønna municipality.

Frøy Kapital becomes the largest owner

After the issue, Frøy Kapital has become the largest owner in Fishbase Group.

"Fishbase Group has an exciting potential that we want to take part in and develop going forward. The group's high ambitions in seafood production are a good addition to our portfolio, and we look forward to a productive collaboration in Helgeland", says Klaus Hatlebrekke, investment director at Frøy Kapital AS.

"We are extremely appreciative of bringing Frøy Kapital into the group. It strengthens both access to capital and group competence in the time to come. Fishbase has an ambition for full-scale seafood production from egg to market, and through the share issue we are positioning ourselves ever closer to that goal", announces Henry M. Thomassen, CEO of Fishbase Group.

"We are looking forward to a boost for our seafood strategy. That one of Norway's most expansive investor environments chooses to invest is confirmation that our vision and production are among the leaders in the future of seafood production," says Thomassen.

This is the new ownership structure in Fishbase Group

  • Frøy Kapital 51.16%
  • Kapnord AS 24.20%
  • Green Farming AS 12.49%
  • Ecomarin AS 5.47%
  • Tanik AS 2.02%
  • Other management 4.65%.